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Photo Contest

How to Run a Successful Photo Contest

A great way to advertise your photography business is to have a photo contest. You can do this several different ways. A good time of the year to do portraits of children is Valentine’s Day. You can encourage your clients to bring their own outfits and props or invest in some to have at your studio. Continue reading

Benefits Of Home Study Courses

Benefits Of Home Study Photographic Courses

Having your own camera is all well and fine, up until the point you need to use it. Until you learn how to make the very best use of the equipment you have, even with the easiest video camera, a person knowledgeable in the field of photography can produce magnificent pictures. With the availability of home study photography courses, you can study any subject you want, becoming a Radiation Therapist or becoming a lion tamer! Really the only limit is you. Another plus is that you can study from any location you can think of and learn about the formalities of photography that will assist you to snap photos like a specialist.

The Advantages of a study from home photography course

Home study courses benefit people for whom photography is a pastime as well as people who want to use photography as a profession but lack the time needed to go to an on-campus photography program. Different photography courses are divided into modules, with each module taking care of various areas of photography. Many wannabe amateur and expert photographers prefer the program that offers them the liberty to enhance their photography strategy without the pressure of completing the course within a specified time-frame.

Parts Of A Home Study Photography Course

Every different type of photography is covered in a home study course. It consists of the basics of photography, different uses of lighting, image editing, picture photography and architectural or landscape photography.

Photography basics

The first lesson in photography involves discovering the different functions of a camera. Although  digital camera’s come with a range of pre-programmed functions that manage  numerous video camera setups, to keep the maximum quality of images, advanced students of photography are not satisfied with the automatic controls of a cam. They are interested in finding out the methods of by hand altering the video camera settings to generate the best quality images. The essentials involves comprehending the video camera menu, focal lengths, sensing units, lenses, exposure and shutter speed.

Usage of light

Light plays an essential role in photography. The quality of the image is affected by the intensity and direction of light. By doing a course, you can learn about this vital area of photography. Students discover the techniques of making the very best use of natural or synthetic light to produce impressive images.

Post production

Different picture editing elements are applied to an image to provide it with the wanted finish. Photography courses help students to master the post production techniques with the assistance of appropriate photo editing software.

Portraits and architectural photography

The supreme goal of a student of photography is to discover the advanced techniques of portrait and architectural photography to produce exceptional still photographs. The tricks and suggestions needed to produce breathtakingly lovely pictures and landscapes are all included in photography courses you will find online. Visit http://home-study-courses.net for more info

The Benefits of Google

The Benefits of Google

So Today i thought i would go a little off topic and blog abouts the awsome benefits of Google!

The Benefits of Google

The Benefits of Google

Bing and Yahoo have made major progress and brought about many improvements recently.However, Google still remains unchallenged when it comes to search result quality. In response to searches, Google consistently produces relevant results. Google employs the use of an advanced algorithm which is regularly updated and refined. Google’s keyword index is massive and just like its competitors Google uses automated spiders or crawlers. An area that Google has dominated is how it determines ranking for search results. An algorithm assigns each web page a relevancy score and results on its search engine results page are then reflected accordingly. (commonly referred to as SERP)Basically, what this means is that Google is able sift out the quality content and offer these as results to your search. Google’s competitors have made advancements, but are not yet a challenge in this regard.With regards to social integrations, if we compare Google and Bing, Bing does come out as the leader. Bing has contracts with social giants Facebook and Twitter, giving it greater access to social data than Google.Yet out most scarce and valued commodity – time, has to be the deciding factor. Although Google’s competitors also provide instant search features, Google’s instant search tools provide results with greater relevancy. Google’s results also appear the quickest.

Another factor effecting the relevancy Google can obtain is the use of its other products such as Google+. As a subscriber to Google, the search engine has substantial amounts of information about your search history and habits allowing it to alter results accordingly. Google’s competitors have setup similar products. However, the popularity of these products is nothing in comparison. SERP results for Yahoo and Bing aren’t likely to be helped by these products for a long time to come. So i have found a really good place to learn more about this awesome search engine right here! http://www.make-google-my-homepage.net/ Check it out!

The news in August 2013 that Yahoo beat Google in views needs to be taken with a bucket load of salt.

ComScore’s ranking measured visitors as apposed to views. What this means is that repeat views from the same user were discounted as traffic. Also remember that the win by Yahoo was marginal and recently after Yahoo acquired Tumblr (which might have been added to results). Furthermore, these results are for the US market. Globally Comscore concludes that Google is almost twice as dominant as Yahoo. Although this is still good news for Yahoo, the fact remains that Google remains the dominant search engine by far.

The bottom line is that when searching online we want relevant, quality results. And we want them as fast as possible. Google is streets ahead in both these aspects. Due to major investments in technology and constantly trying to upgrade their systems, Google maintains its dominance.

When people stop using the verb and start using the brand – you know you’ve dominated the industry. In Britain people started to “hoover” the carpet. Then there was the classic error of Xerox. Concerned that that “verbing up” of their Brand name would lead to less of a differentiation in the market place, they urged consumers to use the verb “photocopy” as apposed to “Xerox a document. However, logically if your brand is foremost in people’s minds – that’s a win. If every time someone things of using a search engine “Google” pops into their heads – that’s a win. I have never heard anyone say “Lets Bing this”. However, most people say “Google it”. Game Over.

How to become a mechanic

How To Become a Mechanic A Photographic Collage

So last week i decided to put together a photographic description of a job type, asking among my friends, it was decided to do an auto mechanic photographic description of the job. So how does one become an auto mechanic?Auto Mechanic These days a school is a necessary part of your training as an auto mechanic, and probably will be for at least 2 years. The end goal would be to prepare you for the practical work experience of your apprenticeship. There are some things to consider before going ahead and enrolling, one being the fact that the school might be out of town. Now you couldn’t exactly do your schooling remotely since auto mechanics requires more of a hands on approach, and in order for you to be effective at your job you will need to have as much work experience as possible.Work experience

If you go the auto route, you might not want to specifically be a mechanic, you could go into the leasing, transport operations training or even something more niche type, like transmission repair, all of this you can find out ahead of time, by phoning a school. Going back to the type of school, you might find that a really good school is far away from home, which would necessitate you to move closer, this would only be a necessary move, if the school was good enough, so make sure you choose the school that will give you the best education. One important thing to look at will be tools, a good school will let you use all the tools that you will use in your career, This ranges from virtual welding machines to a fully equipped garage that operates just like a day to day garage, bringing with it all the challenges a real garage would bring.  One thing to look out for would be for a school that acquires you a wreck to refurbish to new. As stated before, if in doubt, go take visit and ask questions. Of course getting your certification is the end goal so make sure you are ready to take on the complicated tests from special welding exams to overall national level exams to become a master mechanic. In addition in order to get financial help you will need to be enrolled in a school that is accredited as a learning institution.


Dark Spots Away!

Dark spots away!

This poor man was a truck driver for 28 years, half his face was exposed to the sun and the other half was shaded by the cab.

Hey guys, so i thought i would write up on my last photographic adventure, i was called by a company that specialize in quality dark spot removers to do a very unusual shoot, it involved getting a bunch of people together with patchy skin and then taking pictures of them. That’s the simple version, basically a well known skin company privately hired me to do some before and after shots, of people that had suffered with dark spots\ problems, how does this happen? Well according to E-how they could occur due to Sun exposure, since melanin which is part of the skin, absorbs the suns rays naturally this damage could happen years after exposure. Aging Skin was also a major factor, since its not as robust as it used to be, therefore becoming more susceptible to damage. Skin conditions, causing brown and grey patches, Melasma is one of the many skin conditions that cause damage. Acne is also known and can cause skin darkening and damage over time and if not treated. So company X has brought out a dark spot remover product that will remove dark spots in x amount of days, is sounds all good and i’m sure it is, as the ingredients are all natural. I guess time will tell whether it will will work or not. My personal feeling, is that i’m wearing sun screen! and lots of it, maybe a hat as well, cos i aint looking like iv’e been deep fried in a fat fryer!………Later. Keep well.


Snow Photographs

5 Tips For Taking Snow Photographs

Photographs in the snow can be breathtaking. Winter time can be a slow time of year for photographers. Take advantage of all of this snow we’ve had lately! This is a great time to do portraits of the family dog. Dogs love to play in the snow and you can capture some great shots. Also children are great in the snow, making snow angels or building a snowman. Winter hats and scarves are a beautiful way to frame the face for close-ups.5 Tips For Taking Snow Photographs

• First of all you want to dress for the occasion. Layer your clothing. Wear a good pair of insulated boots and a thin pair of gloves.
• Make sure your camera is fully charged and you have extra batteries. You will use them up faster in the cold. You can warm batteries in your hand or car.
• The first thing you will notice is that your lens is going to fog up. Be patient; do not wipe your lens. Your camera will adjust to the temperature in a short period of time. Protect your camera from the elements.
• The bright white color will throw off the white balance and your photos will be too dark. Some cameras have a snow shooting mode, if not change your camera to a manual setting to adjust white balance until the snows color is correct.
• Punch up a photograph with contrast such as a bright jacket, bright blue sky or red barn.

Bundle up and have fun!

Maternity Photo's

Maternity Photography Tips

There are more and more Mothers to-be want professional photographs to record the most special time in their lives. For beginning photographers taking maternity photos can be very challenging. These are maternity photography tips and ideas to help you get better shots and attract more clients.

  • Try to schedule this as close to the end of their pregnancy as possible.
  • It makes it special to include the father and other siblings even the family pets, if there are any in some of the shots.
  • Try to avoid the typical shots, for example “heart around the belly button”. Be creative!
  • I love to do maternity shoots outdoors. I think photographing the natural beauty of a woman ready to give birth with a natural backdrop is beautiful. It’s also nice to do some at their home and at a studio.
  • You can use a lot of different props such as a blue or pink ribbon around the mommy’s belly, blocks spelling out the name of the baby, the mother holding a flower, picture of the sonogram. If the mother has craved a particular food, you could use that in the picture. Just use your imagination!
  • The wardrobe is a personal preference. Once again keep it simple you don’t need anything extra. You want to highlight the miracle of the new life being created. Depending on what the model is comfortable with some prefer to be nude, some semi-nude, or fully clothed. If you choose to wear clothes wearing something solid color, without pattern is best. Once again my preference is a simple soft, natural fabric. If the model feels more comfortable with clothes on she could wear a button up blouse that she can undo and show her belly.Maternity Photography Tips
  • More maternity photography tips that I have is to make the mother feel beautiful. This is a very special time in her life so I want to make her feel special. You definitely want to get some shots of her by herself looking her best!
  • Try some different angles, such as from above looking down on her belly and toes. Do a silhouette of her at a distance with a long range lens.
  • Another maternity photography tip of mine is keeping it simple! Its fun to do the typical cliché poses, but it seems like when the clients are choosing their favorites it’s always the simple shots.

These are pictures the parents and children will treasure for a lifetime. I hope my maternity photography tips have helped you!

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Tips

Photographing a wedding is a huge undertaking. It requires a lot of time and energy. Here are a few wedding photography tips that will hopefully be helpful to beginners. I would highly recommend bringing someone who has some experience along with you if this is your first wedding shoot. This is a very important day for the couple and the photographs will live on long after the day. This below is our guide on wedding photography tips for beginners with also some ideas for those who have been at it for awhile.Wedding Photography Tips

First thing you want to do is meet with the bride and groom. Find out exactly what they are looking for. You will want to know what and who is most important to them to be photographed. A little tip I have found to be helpful is to elect a family member to make sure everyone is there and in place when you need them. It is also helpful to make a list of all the shots that are a must for the couple and check them off as you go. What style of photography they prefer, do they want a more formal style with posed group pictures, or would they prefer more casual candid shots. Do they want pictures taken of the wedding party and the bride and groom before the ceremony? As you can see there is a lot to be discussed before you get to work.

For a wedding you can have several different venues. You need to visit each of these locations before the big day, but at the same time you will be there the day of the wedding. It’s always pretty to get shots indoors and out. Make sure you are prepared for both and have all of your equipment ready. Make sure batteries are charged and you have several empty memory cards.

Don’t forget to photograph all of the little things to capture the essence of the day. Such as the rings, the empty church, flowers, cake, champagne glasses, the table settings, the brides shoe, etc.

I would recommend setting your camera on the continuous shoot mode. Make sure you turn the sound off on your camera. Another wedding photography tip is to have a variety of lenses. It would be nice to have a long range lens, and a wide angle lens.Doing a search of google will help with this.

Lighting can be tricky if you’re just getting started. That’s why I always visit the locations take practice shots and write down the settings that were best and the ones I will use. Consider the weather and make the appropriate adjustments.
Remember to have fun and don’t be afraid to be bold! You don’t want to stand back and miss a shot.

Maternity Photography Tips

Newborn & Baby Photography Tips

This is an area of photography that is in high demand. Sometimes it’s hard to capture the essence of a child. You just have to have a lot of patience and energy. Here are some newborn and baby photography tips that I hope are helpful!
Newborn babies are best photographed right away, in the first two weeks is ideal. They are easier to pose and to capture the sleeping baby.

  • You should remind parents to bring plenty of extra bottles and diapers. Be patient and try to schedule the newborns session when it has a full tummy and is content.
  • Bring extra outfits, blankets, and favorite toys to use in pictures. The clothing should be colors that compliment the skin tone of the baby. It is better to stay away from bright and busy patterns.
  • You want the parents to be happy with their pictures so if the baby is not cooperating it is best to reschedule the session.
    Parents should stay calm and try to avoid any anxiety; the baby will pick up on this.
  • Have some noise makers and toys on hand to get the babies attention and hopefully some smiles!
  • You can use tricks to hide the baby’s diaper or have some pads handy to avoid messes if you choose to do some shots without a diaper.Newborn & Baby Photography Tips

There are so many different way to shoot newborns and babies. It is beautiful to just isolate one part of the baby’s body and shoot it in macro mode. For example a foot or the baby’s hand grasping the mothers or fathers finger.
I love the simplicity of black and white newborn photos, or maybe wrap them in a solid bright colored textured blanket. Angles are a challenge for newborns. It’s best to get down on their level, or have someone hold them swaddled sitting up or over the shoulder. Close ups of the face is always a good way to capture more intimate shots.

Sometimes babies are frightened and annoyed by having the lens too close to their face, so I find that a long range lens this is another tip for photographing newborns and babies that can come in handy.

Digital photo editing is nice to erase the scratches and blemishes of a newborn. I also like to remove the color to black and white or play with the saturation.

The main thing to remember is to be patient and have fun. To be successful you have to be understanding and be willing to reschedule if necessary. Once again communicate with your clients to get a feel for what they are expecting. Each photographer has his or her own style. You will want to have examples of your work to show them so they can get a better idea of what to expect. I hope these newborn and baby photography tips are helpful!

Boudoir Photography Tips

Some boudoir photography tips I have will hopefully help you get started right away. This is really becoming popular. Women are having these done as gifts to their husbands or boyfriends, or even for them as something glamorous to do.

• The first boudoir photography tip I have is to take tasteful, beautiful shots. You will need to discuss with the client what she is expecting. Everyone has different levels of modesty and what they are comfortable with. They should be artistic.
• I like to use a professional to do hair and makeup; some women prefer to do their own. Just don’t overdo it on the hair or your photographs could end up looking like 1980’s glamour shots. Personally I think for this style photograph the hair looks better down. Eye makeup and lips should be heavier. Doing a smoky eye, with false eyelashes looks very seductive. The model should definitely exfoliate and moisturize, so her skin will look its best. A spray tan helps hide spider veins and any other imperfections on the skin. She should also have a manicure and pedicure; this is an occasion to really pamper herself.
• Have them bring clothing that they feel sexy and pretty in. Different types of lingerie, bras, panties, corsets, stockings, and sexy shoes are popular. You could even wear a man’s work shirt or a tank top and short shorts.
• Photographs can be taken at the models home, studio, or a local hotel that is beautifully decorated makes a nice location. You could even do a shoot outside if you have a private location.
• Most women don’t have the bodies of the Victoria Secret models so it’s very important to pose them in ways to hide their flaws and accentuate their best features. Your job is to make the woman look beautiful and sexy!
• Make sure that the client is over 18. I do not take fully nude shots.
• Another boudoir photography tip is retouching. I include this in the price of my boudoir photography. I do as much as I can with lighting and posing, but this is one area of photography I really like to glam up with a little digital help.

To get the best shots you want this to be fun and comfortable. I hope my boudoir photography tips have been helpful!

Black & White Photography

Black & White Photography For Beginners

A black and white photograph is timeless and classic. Many feel these photographs are more artistic and a grouping of black and white photos seems very sophisticated. Digital photography makes it much easier to shoot in color and remove the color to black and white. Here are my tips and ideas for black and white photography.Black & White Photography For Beginners

  • Black and whites can create beautiful portraits. It removes the skin tones that may be distracting in a photograph. Any little imperfection you may have is made less noticeable.
  • You don’t have to think so much about what colors complement each other.
  • With dark and light you can achieve great contrast. A dark or overcast day is a good time to shoot in black and white.
  • Some photographs are better done with color, such as a sunrise or to capture the vivid color in a flower in springtime. There are some that are more impressive done in black and white, such as an aged face with deep wrinkles, or a photograph of a newborn cradled in a fathers hands. Some people are now choosing to have their wedding photographs done in black and white because of the romantic timelessness of the photos.
  • Keep in mind while taking your photographs you still have to consider color. If you for example have purple and blue side by side they will appear to be the same color.The more contrast you have the better. When you are taking pictures try to visualize them in black and white.
  • The more texture you have in a black and white the more interesting it is.
  • I personally prefer NOT to use the black and white mode on my digital camera. I normally just convert to color.

Just have fun and experiment. You need to practice and be patient. I hope my black and white photography tips have been helpful!